Location Street 2 Thnou, Phum 01, Sangkat 03, Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk Province, Cambodia  

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Sihanoukville is a city named after the King of Cambodia, an arising holiday city immersed in the ancient Khmer culture, with sunny pristine beaches and lush tropical rain forests, rated by CAA as the one of top 50 beaches destinations worldwide. Whether you are on holiday or business trip, here will be your next holiday destination.

Xihu Resort International Co.,Ltd. consists of two luxury hotel brands in Cambodia: XIHU RESORT HOTEL, NANHAI PEARL APARTMENT HOTEL, designed to provide distinguished guests with a superb 5 stars resort experience and high-quality services.


Exclusive Southeast Asia style landscapes, the most untouched natural beaches in Cambodia and stunning sea view rooms along to create an intimated “Khmer Kingdom” for you. The main design concept based on traditional Khmer culture, combines traditional architectural styles, plant textures, weaving art, clothing and ethnic crafts, brings you an image of the most creative, exquisite and modern luxury living space.



The origin of the hotel name arises from “The shell of the river, Pearl of the sea”, and expressed in the graceful architecture of the building。 The whole interior design offers a modern approach to integrate shell elements, metal mesh, wooden strips, Khmer culture, and Southeast Asia features, to create an idea of “Pearl beauty” holistically, a fantastic conception of space.

●Creative space, friendly room layout design, high quality room accessories create ultimate accommodation experience.
●Our high-end restaurants bring together the essence of Southeast Asia, Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisines. Let you experience the culinary pleasure   of multiple tastes while enjoying the magnificent sea view of Gulf of the Thailand.
●A variety of leisure activities such as swimming,fitness and wellness, live performance, yacht tours etc. enhance your vacation experience.
●Attentive, professional and meticulous butler service, bring a kind of "indulgent sensation" for you all the time.

To satisfying you, it’s not everything, but it’s the only thing!